Capsule City in the Sky

All right! Are you guys ready? ‘City in the sky project’ is presenting its first 2 way trip taking place between Marseille and San Francisco in April 2017. Spread the word, it’s gonna be fun ! The project ‘City in the sky’ emerged from the idea to link Marseille and San Francisco in an artistic … Continue reading Capsule City in the Sky


Nous sommes coupés en deux : Marseille/San Francisco. Je suis coupée et d’autres se coupent, se découpent, se relient à moi. Octobre 2016, nous imaginons une première date d’essai pour 2017. Les choses avancent. Je suis tellement heureuse des artistes qui m’ont retrouvée sur ce projet. MERCI. Continue reading Meetings

Visible and invisible

When I started to work on the project of City in the Sky I couldn’t leave SF. I couldn’t live there and I couldn’t not live there. And I still of course had to live somewhere… It was Marseille——————————————-> ————————————————————————————————————————> In that new place I started to work on this: a new possibility: inventing a … Continue reading Visible and invisible